Code Shop Return Policy

What qualifies as a return

No returns will be accepted unless the product was faulty due to creator error. For a product to be considered faulty it must be for the following reason: broken code resulting in the product not working as intended.

Inspecting return requests

If the product was faulty, it will undergo inspection to confirm the problem. If the inspection determines that the product was faulty, then you will be eligible for a full return of that purchase. However, if the inspection determines that the product was not faulty, then you will not be eligible for a full return of that purchase.

How the return process works

All returns will be refunded to the original form of payment within 3 to 7 business days once a return is established and accepted by both parties. If a return is made, any code from that purchase must be removed from any website and refrained from any future use unless repurchased. You must also destroy any downloaded materials in your possession whether in electronic or printed format, this includes the downloadable .PDF access file.

Denial of a return still holds the right to deny any return requested based on suspected misuse of the return policy or a problem that was outside of its control (such as a product becoming unusable as a result of changes made to Squarespace’s codebase). 

How do I start the return process

To start a return request, simply email with the following in the subject line "Code Shop - Return Request".  Please provide a brief description about why you're requesting a return and I'd be happy to work with you through this process.

Revision date: July 13th, 2016