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A few fun facts about myself

I live in Harrisburg PA, I love french press coffee, I have a cat named after MacGyver, my favorite number is 22, I'm not a huge fan of IPAs, I play video games like it's my life, I knew what I wanted to do at the age of 13, I downhill mountain bike, my favorite food is bacon, and I broke my left arm twice.

Take a deeper look - video

This short video captures my personality, goals, and passions within my career. Find out how I got started in this industry and what excites me. If you're interested in knowing what it took to create this project, you can check out my blog post "A look behind Project Storytelling".

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What I've done & what I can do

Feel free to take a deeper look at what I've accomplished over the years and what I'm able to do for you. My resume goes over the standard items, but please understand that I don't embellish my capabilities (no good ever comes out of that).