Looking for Web Design in Harrisburg?

Now located in Midtown Harrisburg, I’m actively looking to work with local businesses in need of web design services.

I'm sure you've been doing your research of other web design agencies, and you're probably overwhelmed with the challenging task of choosing the right one. I'm sure you've found several great looking design firms, freelance designers, and a few national agencies all promising the best in web design and web development. Sadly, unless you've worked with other agencies and you know what to look for, it's hard to know if they can actually produce what you're looking for.

The web can be a scary place which is why, beyond normal services, it’s always good to have someone who you can count on to guide you in the right direction. Being that I only work with a select amount of clients at once, I’m able to provide agency service without the agency price. However, I know that I might not be the right fit for every business and their needs, so I make sure not to lead anyone down the wrong path.

Why choose me for web design in the Harrisburg area?

There's something to be said about working with passionate business owners that truly love what they do. I’m no different. I started my business because I honestly love coming to work everyday to create something beautiful that has the ability to impact others.

Being from the Harrisburg area, I want to see my local businesses thrive. Often, your website is your online storefront, main sales generator, and people’s first impression of you. If it’s not any of those, then it should be. With so many local businesses having outdated sites and a lack of marketing resources, there’s immense growth potential being wasted that I cannot ignore.

My mission is not to keep turning out projects and wash my hands. I’m here to create meaningful and lasting relationships with my clients. You should be focusing on running the business you’re passionate about, and not having to deal with the stresses of having an outdated website. I take the time to learn about you as a company, so I can understand how to help you have a successful and useful website.

My focus is Squarespace development

I've been a leading Squarespace developer for years and work exclusively with that platform. In a nut-shell, Squarespace is an easy to use content management system, blogging platform, and hosting service all built into one solid product. It allows individuals and businesses to create, host, and maintain websites and blogs without having to worry about security issues.

One thing I have noticed is that Harrisburg lacks high-quality Squarespace developers, which is why I’ve decided to refocus my efforts and set up shop in Midtown Harrisburg. This gives me the ability to work directly with local clients to build trusting relationships for years to come as they grow.

My Latest Squarespace Projects

Squarespace Website    Nxt Level Atx    View Project

Squarespace Website

Nxt Level Atx

View Project

Squarespace Website    Jason Klock    View Project

Squarespace Website

Jason Klock

View Project

Why Squarespace?

There are many reasons why I use Squarespace over other common open source platforms, such as Wordpress. However, to keep this post short I'm going to list the most common reasons why I made the switch and choose to use it for all of my clients.

Peace of mind: With Squarespace, you never need to update any software, add security, or worry that one change can break something else on the site. There’s also rarely any need for 3rd party apps or plugins, making it the most all-encompassing and simple platform.

Easy to use: Once your site is built, you can log in to Squarespace and use it with ease on day one. While I'm here to help with questions, my clients often need little to no training at all. If you’re accustomed to using a computer, you’ll immediately feel right at home!

Mobile Friendly: Mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of all website traffic. With that in mind, it’s critical that websites perform across any device and screen size, especially if you're planning to market on any of the major social media platforms. Your website will include a unique mobile experience that matches the overall style of the website, so content will look great on every device, every time.

Built-in search engine optimization: While nothing replaces a good SEO program, Squarespace offers all the tools that you’ll need to optimize your site. Add Site Descriptions, Page Titles, Custom URLs, and other key elements with ease. Additionally, it comes with a sitemap built in to help Google crawl and ultimately rank your site!

Interested? Have questions? Let's Chat

Whether you're located in the Harrisburg area or somewhere else around the globe, I'd love to have a quick chat to discuss what I could offer you. For more information about my services and how I can support your needs, click here.

Any additional questions about making the switch to Squarespace, a simple introduction, or anything else just simply reach out at hello@devonstank.com or call me anytime at 717-525-1031.